Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glenn Becks head WILL explode!!

In Egypt there is a lot of talk about who will be the new leader. As this revolt grows it becomes more obvious that it will no longer be Hosni Mubarak, so who is left?

Will it be the Nobel Laureate and Western media posterboy Mohamed ElBaradei?

How about the newly appointed Vice-President Omar Suleiman? He is the former head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (EGID or also in slang Mukhabarat) and in that role he “interrogated” prisoners for the C.I.A.. By former I mean he JUST quit a few days ago when he was appointed V.P., he still has blood under his nails I am sure.

No one is mentioning the obvious choice. How about no leader? Disassemble the police and Army, organize, localize and live in Anarchy.

Not that catchphrase anarchy like in the Sex Pistols song, I also do not mean a crazy “wild west” scenario, I mean philosophical Anarchy.

The term anarchism derives from the Greek, anarchos, meaning simply "without rulers".
The Egyptian people have organized food, safety checkpoints, garbage removal, and even defense itself all without, and in fact in spite of their leaders.

Egypt could form a society made up of self-governing cells with shared use of the production facilities, organized either by direct democracy and in cooperation with other groups or cities, city states of they wish.

I know this is not a likely outcome, nor my choice to make for Egypt. If for no other reason the Egyptians, Tunisians and other movements in the area should try it just to watch Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly’s heads explode. Muslims living like Communists that ought to do it! ;-)

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