Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arianna Huffinton's New Domain

Top 5 reasons Huffington Post and AOL merger may be a good thing for America.

Today AOL announced it’s buying Huffington Post, the online news and culture website, for $315 million. This has sparked a lot of shock and fear in the liberally minded world.
AOL is dying, and they think the solution is to buy the Huffington Post and essentially turn it over AOL’s content machine to the Post founder founder, Arianna Huffington. She will be assigned to integrate the collective companies’ news and information websites.
So if you have a sunny outlook you could say that the Huffington Post is taking over AOL.

5. Many people fear this could lead to censorship on behalf of AOL, this is fairly unlikely since Arianna Huffington will retain control of not only her own company but also step into the roll of Editor for AOL too (and by extension its other online products) and has pledged to not changing the Huffington Post’s content.

4. This is a giant leap forward for online news as a whole and its credibility.

3. Huffington Post may lose its largest appeal of separation from big media, but it also gains the ability to compete with other larger networks on breaking news.

2. It is good for AOL stock (the Post is not a public company).

1. With any luck this could be the end of AOL and the start of a great media company that puts journalism back on track!

The outcome from this merger remains to be seen, but the Huffington Post has a formerly conservative now liberal founder who could steer both companies in a positive way. She is a great role model for women in America and a successful journalist with growing credentials. So be positive and hope and help the Huffington Post become what America needs now, competitive and accurate news.

At the same time AOL is the Evil empire that may only exploit the Huffington Post's weaknesses. --

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