Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Target Target, The Anti-Gay, Anti Union Company

In the last several years, the retail giant Target has been known to be anti-gay. But now they have graduated up to hating a wider range of folks. Target is now showing an anti-union to all employess, or rather forcing it on them. Gawker.Com got a copy of this video and published it.

Around 1:50 it starts playing ominous music and the actors proclaim:

With a union you no longer have your own voice. Have a great suggestion? You can’t take it directly to your manager. You have to go through the union layers. Need help with a problem? Same thing. Someone else will do the talking for you. And there’s no guarantee you’ll like what they have to say.”

Some of the other highlights include

  • The fictional employees' assurance that "you can get more hours" without a union—although a persistent inability to get enough hours to earn a living wage is one of the prime reasons that Target employees in New York are now contemplating joining a union. 

  • The repeated reminders that "you have the right" to not sign a union card, pay union dues, or have a union represent you in any way, as if union-busting were a dramatic assertion of a retail employee's fundamental human rights.
Enough Target, I say shop less, but if you have to shop STAY OUT OF TARGET, please, especially if you are an LGBTQ Unionist like my wife.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Not To Frack

Hydraulic fracturing is a controversial drilling technique that injects millions of tons of highly toxic chemical fluids into the ground to break apart shale and release natural gas. Even while scientists believe these chemicals may already be poisoning America’s drinking water, the natural gas industry has unleashed a massive 34-state drilling campaign. So here are the top ten reasons why NOT to frack in New York, or anywhere.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five Environmental Ways to Survive the Economic Crash

Grain stocks will be at the lowest levels since 2004 this year. Food prices as a whole are up. Unemployment is up while overall purchasing power of the dollar is down. What can average citizens do to protect their families and insulate themselves from this economic downturn? Here are a few environmentally friendly ways that you can survive the economic disaster known as “The Great Depression 2”.