Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Target Target, The Anti-Gay, Anti Union Company

In the last several years, the retail giant Target has been known to be anti-gay. But now they have graduated up to hating a wider range of folks. Target is now showing an anti-union to all employess, or rather forcing it on them. Gawker.Com got a copy of this video and published it.

Around 1:50 it starts playing ominous music and the actors proclaim:

With a union you no longer have your own voice. Have a great suggestion? You can’t take it directly to your manager. You have to go through the union layers. Need help with a problem? Same thing. Someone else will do the talking for you. And there’s no guarantee you’ll like what they have to say.”

Some of the other highlights include

  • The fictional employees' assurance that "you can get more hours" without a union—although a persistent inability to get enough hours to earn a living wage is one of the prime reasons that Target employees in New York are now contemplating joining a union. 

  • The repeated reminders that "you have the right" to not sign a union card, pay union dues, or have a union represent you in any way, as if union-busting were a dramatic assertion of a retail employee's fundamental human rights.
Enough Target, I say shop less, but if you have to shop STAY OUT OF TARGET, please, especially if you are an LGBTQ Unionist like my wife.


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